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Robert Lesniewski Candidate Petition

I, Robert Lesniewski, am willing to serve as Region 2 (R2) Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect for the 2023 term if elected.

Robert is retired. He successfully completed a 35 year career in the tele/data communications sector at senior executive levels.

Robert is a Senior member with 22 years of membership.

For the last 9 years Robert has held the Susquehanna Section (SS) elected positions of Chair, Past Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary. He is the SS Life Member Affinity and Computer Branch elected Chair. He is the Section’s appointed Program and Nominations & Appointments Chair. He was the R2 Central Area Chair and Continuing & Professional Education Coordinator. He was a member of IEEE Ethics & Member Conduct Committee (EMCC) & IEEE Complaint Review Committee (CRC). 

2021 achievements:

  1. Presented 4 member dues reduction proposals to significantly increase future membership & retention to IEEE Membership/Dues Comm. 
  2. Initiated member’s ability to electronically sign constitution petitions, which was implemented in June.
  3. Initiated SS Capstone Award, which created area student/faculty excitement & greater Section community visibility. The award is scalable to the Region and IEEE-USA level.

Position Statement:

Today IEEE is a leading world corporation in the fields of Standards, Technical Publications, Technical Conferences and Technical Education. Over the last 10 years IEEE has increased its profitable annual business revenue to over $550 million and has acquired net assets of over $600 million. However, during this time IEEE membership has remained relatively flat. As the Region 2 Director and a member of IEEE’s Board of Directors, I will encourage IEEE to use some of its uncommitted wealth to provide greater value to its members in the form of lower cost products and services. This will encourage greater membership renewals, attract larger numbers of new members (including young professionals), make the transition from student to member affordable, and entice previous members to rejoin IEEE. Growth of local Section membership will increase your Section’s financial ability to invest in local community activities, such as STEM projects for grades 1-12, undergrad projects, community awards, Section member awards. Etc. As a result IEEE, will be seen as a member centric organization, as well as, a successful commercial business.

To electronically sign my candidate petition please use this link to the IEEE Petition web page.

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Lesniewski Constitution Petition

IEEE will permit this constitution petition to be posted on the IEEE Petition web page on or before February 10, 2022!

Please use the Contact US page to request a notification when IEEE will allow you to electronically sign the Lesniewski Constitution Petition.

Petition Statement by Robert Lesniewski

I believe this referendum will make both IEEE member and student dues more affordable and significantly increase all membership.

Since 2013 total membership has been dropping. Society memberships are approximately 50,000 lower today than in 2001. Approximately 1 in 3 members leave IEEE each year.

By resetting the annual IEEE member/student dues (including assessments) to USD100 and USD10 respectively, my projections regarding membership for 6 years following implementation are:

  1. IEEE member and student annual dues will be very affordable.
  2. Member retention will increase to 85% and be sustainable.
  3. At least 30% of inactive members will be recruited back to IEEE.
  4. General membership and Society membership will increase by at least 10% per year.
  5. IEEE US market share will increase:
    • Qualified engineers, computer science professionals and scientists from 1.8% to 6%.
    • Young professionals (ages 20 to 30) from 5.7% to 15%.
    • Students from 6.3% to 20%.
  6. Special Circumstance member dues will be USD50 per year (retired, unemployed).
  7. Electronic dues under USD100 will not be affected.
  8. As membership in your Section grows, IEEE will give your Section more money.

This reset of dues would be effective as of the IEEE 2024 membership year and may not be increased for 4 years thereafter.

Marked Version of the Constitution, Indicating All Additions and Deletions IEEE Constitution, Article IV – Dues and Fees

Side by side comparison of the section to be changed:

Current IEEE ConstitutionMarked Version of the Constitution, Indicating all Additionsand DeletionsAdditionDeletion
Sec. 1. Dues and fees shall be specified in the Bylaws.
Sec. 2. Under exceptional circumstances, the payment of dues and fees may be deferred or waived in whole or in part by the Board of Directors.
Sec. 1. IEEE Dues, including Assessments, as specified in the Bylaws shall not exceed USD100.00, and USD10.00 for qualifying students through 2027. Thereafter, increases shall not be more than 5% annually.
Sec 2. Other dues and fees shall be specified in the Bylaws.
Sec. 23. Under exceptional circumstances, the payment of dues and fees may be deferred or waived in whole or in part by the Board of Directors.

To electronically sign this petition please use the following link: