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100member10student.com is the home of an unofficial IEEE grassroots member movement to reduce IEEE annual dues.

In early 2020 100member10student.com conducted an informal poll of IEEE volunteers, which indicated 19.1% of those polled wanted their dues reduced.

Please join our movement.



Information on 100member10student.com is available to current IEEE members and the general public.  The general public may see IEEE member data that is openly available from ieee.org or other public sources.  Public IEEE financial data is also sourced from public IEEE IRS 990 tax filings .  IEEE Members Only pages on this web site can be viewed by current IEEE members who request a password obtained by using the Contact US page.  The members’s name will be verified as a current member.  The information on the Members Only pages is also available to IEEE members by signing onto the ieee.org/stats web page and conducting their own member data research. 

Food, shelter and fuel are essential products/services we all purchase regardless of cost.  Your IEEE annual dues on the other hand are not an essential product/service that must be purchased or renewed.  That decision to join IEEE is based on whether you believe the dues are both affordable and/or provide you value for the cost.  Your affordability level is something that is unique to you. 

Many IEEE volunteers believe IEEE’s annual dues have become more unaffordable to members, as these dues have steadily increased over many years.  The net result is that IEEE annual dues now appear to have a negative impact on IEEE membership growth and membership renewal (retention).

The purpose of the 100member10student.com is to inform you, as an IEEE member, of new ideas as to how IEEE can actually reverse the current trend of membership lose and dropping member renewal  rates.

The Managing Director of IEEE (Steve Welby) and his effective team of professional managers, under the direction of the IEEE Board of Directors, has made IEEE a very successful and wealthy non profit corporation.   It is now time that some of this wealth be focused not only on humanity, but, IEEE members, as well.

As you can see IEEE, as a non profit corporation, is a highly successful business.  In a for profit business the Total Net Revenue line in the above table would be called Profit.  IEEE is also a very wealthy corporation holding $532.2 million in net assets in 2019.  As a non profit corporation, IEEE has no shareholders.  In addition only about $20 million of net assets have been designated for future specific projects.  Therefore, with $512.2 in net assets IEEE can easily afford to significantly reduce member annual dues with little financial impact.  However, the use of net assets may not be necessary as you will see on the Proposed Dues Solutions page.

IEEE 2019 member and society dues were $54 million. This is only 9.7% of IEEE’s total revenue.

While IEEE as a business has been growing, you can see the total membership has been trending downward.  Growth in 2016 was due to overall growth in Region 10.  Growth in 2018 was due to a surge in Electronic and Grad Students in Regions 8, 9 and 10.  The key factor driving the overall downward member trend is the loss of members who pay full dues in all Regions, which started in 2013.

1 in 3 members have quit IEEE in 2019.   IEEE can no longer attract new members to replace of those who quit.  IEEE loses 5,300 full dues paying members each year.  These members represent 47.7% of all IEEE members.

Important details regarding IEEE member membership will be presented to you.   The hyperlinks listed at the top of every page on this web site will present to you easily understood information on:

  1. How your annual membership dues are calculated. (Public)
  2. How IEEE’s past and current world membership has changed due to rising member dues. (Members only)
  3. How Society membership has been dramatically reduced by rising member dues. (Members only)
  4. How membership renewals have declined, as member dues have risen. (Public)
  5. What is IEEE USA’s market share of eligible professionals and students who can join. (Members Only)
  6. What are recommended short term and long term solutions to reduce member dues and significantly increase full dues paying members and Society members. (Members Only)

If you believe current IEEE dues are too high, please join our grassroots dues reduction effort.  You can provide important support to this effort just by entering your first name, last name, and email address on the sign up form located on the JOIN US page.  You will be informed of any pending actions you can take to reduce your dues. 

Your name will be held confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone in IEEE leadership from the Section/Society level up to the Board of Directors or paid IEEE staff.

By joining us 100member10student.com will inform you of all opportunities you will have to vote for IEEE dues reduction petitions and IEEE candidates who strongly support reducing IEEE dues.  This is the most important democratic way you can make important changes to IEEE and send a clear message to IEEE leadership you want your dues meaningfully reduced.

You can also become a more active member by expressing your interest on the Contact Us page.

If you are uncertain that IEEE can actually afford to reduce annual member dues, please visit the  Proposed Dues Solutions page to learn how this is easily possible.  There are 4 easy to implement payment plans proposed which will increase membership renewals. There are also 4 bold dues reduction Plan which will substantially reduce your dues. You will see that any one of these bold Plans will quickly increase IEEE membership over time and also greatly encourage existing members to renew their IEEE membership. I hope after reviewing all the Plans you will join our movement.


IEEE needs to set its membership and membership revenue goals for the next 5 years to increase growth and aggressively take the corresponding action to achieve it.

We do not live in certain world.  But, with the Current Dues Policy IEEE’s future membership and membership revenue is highly predictable.

During the Covid-19 crisis IEEE has significantly increased its efforts to make members aware of membership benefits. There are more free virtual technical presentations, mini-conferences and big discounts in education courses. Much more needs to be done to have current members renew their membership.

Taking timid steps on reducing the dues of full paying members will only result in timid results.

IEEE has not shown any real growth, as an engineering association, for over 15 years.  IEEE is recognized world wide, as a highly successful and wealthy technology corporation.  To the outside world of hi-tech professionals IEEE is seen, as a reasonably stable, elite organization of engineers whose motto should be “If you can afford to join us please do”.

Together we can transform IEEE into a vibrant, professionally rewarding, and welcoming engineering organization, that you proudly encourage your peers to join.

Please help us achieve this goal.

Visit our Contact Us page to share your ideas and comments. Thank you for visiting 100member10student.com.