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With today’s crushing inflation your cost of living is going up and your standard of living is dropping. As a result, you may also be thinking your full price IEEE dues is becoming an unaffordable luxury. Furthermore, in January 2023 North America dues will increase by $4US. Every where else dues will increase $3US.

Besides high world inflation the US dollar is rising rapidly against all other world currencies.  I believe you pay your dues in US dollars.  Reducing full priced member dues to $100US will greatly benefit you. 

A constitution petition has been initiated to reduce the price of full dues to $100/yr no matter where you live in the world.

Please electronically sign the petition at:


If just 1,500 members like you sign this constitution amendment petition, all voting IEEE members in the 2023 election can approve this amendment to reduce your annual dues to $100US. If approved, your annual dues will be $100US starting Jan. 1, 2024. Your petition signature is very important!

I hope you will encourage other IEEE members you know on social media to also electronically sign the petition.

Please note

The hyperlinks at the top of each of each web page will help you navigate around this web site. You will learn important details about your IEEE membership. Some pages may only be viewed by Active IEEE members. IEEE members must use the contact page to receive the password. The contact page can also be used by any visitor to ask questions or get clarification on information on this site.

Can IEEE afford to offer you dues as low as $100 with reducing your current services and benefits? The answer is YES!

Today IEEE has 35,076 who pay $0 dues. There are 30,414 Electronic members who pay dues ranging from $40 to $80. There are 22,300 Special Circumstance members who pay 50% of their full price dues. All of these members receive the same services and benefits as you have.

On the $100/$10 Plan Details web page you will see how this is easily possible, which will make you wonder why hasn’t IEEE lowered your annual dues to $100 already.

Please electronically sign the petition at:


Are you an IEEE volunteer?

As an IEEE volunteer, you are dedicating your personal time to support one or many of these important IEEE functions:

  1. Section or Region Operating Units
  2. Technical advisory activities within Societies
  3. Branches or Affinity Groups
  4. Student Branch Activities
  5. IEEE Committees
  6. Education
  7. Standards
  8. Conferences
  9. Publications
  10. Various IEEE Boards

As a volunteer, you routinely renew your annual membership and have many years of service to IEEE. You enjoy the interpersonal relationships with other volunteers. You are a member of one or more Societies. You feel you are contributing to the future directions of IEEE, as a professional association. You feel you are making a moral and technical contribution to humanity. While your membership renewal cost is not a primary consideration, you may have begun to notice the increasing cost of membership dues has made your participation in IEEE education courses and Societies less affordable.

As a volunteer, you are have an interest to see more professionals join IEEE and to encourage existing members to stay as IEEE members. This is the prime objective of the $100/$10 Plan constitution amendment petition. You know a healthy professional organization is a growing organization. Reseting your dues to $100, will give you an opportunity to join one or two more Societies with the money you are saving. In doing so you are providing greater support IEEE Societies, while expanding your technical expertise and meeting more IEEE members.

Are you a non IEEE volunteer?

A large portion of IEEE members and students do not wish to be a volunteer. As a non Volunteer, you may have joined IEEE:

  1. because of access to its technical library
  2. because of the professional networking opportunities
  3. because you wish to join Societies
  4. because it is your professional organization
  5. because of education/certification opportunities
  6. because of education, conference and publication discounts
  7. because of its many other benefits.

Reseting your annual dues to $100 will give you the opportunity to use the money saved for other personal reasons or to use this money to fund access to other interested IEEE activities you felt to be unaffordable. Reseting your dues to $100 may encourage you see the value of staying an IEEE member.

The cost of your IEEE annual dues may impact your desire to stay a member.

Management of this website in early 2020 asked 3,500 IEEE volunteers from around the world, if their annual dues were considered to be too high. 19.1% responded yes.

It is estimated that 40% or more of non volunteer members would respond yes. This is based on retention (renewal) rates of all members by specific categories published by IEEE.

Do you know?

  • Today 1 in 3 of all IEEE members quit each year. That is 100,000 members leaving.
  • At the Member level 1 in 4 quit each year
  • IEEE recruitment can no longer replace all members who quit each year.
  • Senior, Fellow and Life members have over 95% retention (renewal) rates.
  • Members who volunteer or use IEEE products and services tend to renew each year.
  • US and Canadian members pay the highest annual membership dues and their membership level is declining the fastest year after year.
  • Pacific/Asia members pay the lowest annual membership dues and their membership level is increasing year after year.

The following spread sheet shows how IEEE membership has changed from Jan. 2019 to Dec. 2021.

You can clearly see that where members are paying the highest dues membership is declining the most. As members pay lower annual dues fewer members are quitting. Member dues around $157 seems to be the point where either membership is relatively flat or increasing. Imagine what membership growth there would be for all Regions around the world, if annual dues were just $100/yr.

The $100$10 Plan is one proposal which will reset IEEE membership dues to $100 for members who pay full priced dues. These lower dues are meant to significantly increase the recruitment of new IEEE members and improve IEEE member retention year after year. IEEE Regions with current negative growth rates will become positive. Regions with current positive growth rates will show even higher growth rates. Please visit the $100$10 Plan Details web page to see the projected membership growth expected as a result of reseting due to $100.

Please visit the Member Retention Plans web page. Details of how IEEE can implement simple changes to immediately encourage IEEE member retention will be discussed.

Reseting annual dues to $100 will make joining more Societies affordable and immediately increase Society membership/revenue.

Please electronically sign the petition at:


The expressed opinions on this website are not necessarily the opinions of IEEE.